Groundbreaking Medical Study Reveals Cannabis Treats ADHD Better Than Ritalin

CBD Safe for Kids?

A groundbreaking new medical study may have determined that cannabis treats ADHD symptoms better than conventional medicines, like Ritalin and Adderall.
A small sample of 30 patients with ADHD took part in a study to demonstrate the ways in which cannabis treatments can affect their symptoms. These patients said they were having limited success with Ritalin and Adderall. After their cannabis treatment, all 30 patients reported a significant improvement in their concentration levels and their quality of sleep, and 22 of the 30 patients have stopped using ritalin/adderall since


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ADHD cannot be prevented or cured but spotting it early and having a good treatment can significantly diminish the symptoms.

“Cannabis appears to treat ADD and ADHD by increasing the availability of dopamine,” said cannabinoidologist, Dr. David Bearman. “This then has the same effect but is a different mechanism of action than stimulants like Ritalin and dexedrine amphetamine, which act by binding to the dopamine and interfering with the metabolic breakdown of dopamine.”

If the key to higher concentration levels and better sleep is more dopamine then cannabis use can be combined with many other natural dopamine heightening activities to further decrease ADHD symptoms.



CBD Oil and ADHD

CBD Safe for Kids?

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Due to the fact that CBD produced promising results in a variety of mental disorders, specialists wonder if it could help ADHD patients as well. Considering that when ADHD is present in the brain of a person, the signs are elevated cortisol levels and low dopamine levels.

Which explains the constant state of irritation and the inability to calm down and relax, CBD could help by lowering cortisol and inducing a state of calmness.

While it is true that there is a specific medication that is prescribed in the case of ADHD patients, many complain about the unpleasant side-effects they produce, like constant headaches which often lead to a decrease in the quality of sleep.

Those that gave CBD oil a chance, said that the new treatment stopped their headaches and gave them the possibility, for some the first time in their lives, to actually get a hold of their mind.

No risks of negative side-effects

The-tVTA-RMTg-as-a-GABA-brake-for-the-dopamine-system-The-schema-represents-theThe best part about using CBD oil for ADHD is that this natural product won’t generate any unwanted side-effects.

CBD has nothing to do with an addictive substances and will not alter the perception ability of a person, this is why one can use CBD at any time during the day or night.

If you use CBD accordingly and utilize the right dose in your case, there are absolutely no risks. It is less likely for an overdose to happen and even if it does, health-related risks are minimum.

Plus, even if you decide to adopt this treatment for a long-term, you will not experience the “need” to take it, as the body will not develop any form of addiction toward it.

This is because the human body was designed to produce cannabinoids in a natural manner. Problems occur when these cannabinoids are not produced as it should.

The medication available for ADHD is meant to stimulate the production of dopamine, a chemical that is usually produced by the brain, responsible for our ability to unroll cognitive processes, like memorizing things and focusing on our activities.

Due to this fact, CBD reacts so well in our body, as the cannabinoids it contains will immediately bind with the right kind of receptors, restoring the balance in a way that no drugs can.

But, in the case of ADHD patients, there is an issue with dopamine, as the brain is not producing sufficient dopamine. According to the latest researches, CBD can do the same as specialized ADHD medication and that is to stimulate the production of dopamine and improve the brain function.

Thus, the cannabinoids, which are the active components of CBD oil, has a great potential at improving the state of mental health in people suffering from ADHD, making dopamine more available to their brains.

And the best part about this treatment is that it is safe to be used in the case of children as well, as it doesn’t trigger any addictions or unwanted psychoactive effects.



Important Facts To Know About CBD Oil For ADD And ADHD

  • CBD oil not only interacts with the endocannabinoid system, but it also binds with serotonin receptors, vanilloid receptors, and adenosine receptors that have a significant impact on stress and pain management, mood management, and sleep-wake cycles.
  • CBD oil was classified as a nutritional supplement, but after recognizing many health benefits, it is considered as a medicine by the British government.
  • ADHD causes disturbances in the sleep cycle; however, CBD oil works as a sedative that helps in treating insomnia.
  • CBD oil is non-toxic; therefore, even excessive intake of CBD oil causes no severe side effects, and it is nearly impossible to overdose.
  • CBD oil consists of a very minute amount of THC; therefore, it is safe and quite effective in treating depression, anxiety, paranoia, and stress without making you high.
  • A study conducted in 2013, revealed that CBD oil helps in blocking the addictive impact of painkillers like morphine. It protects the body from dealing with any severe side effects.


No reason to not give this a go, no side effect only a tonne of amazing benefits.







Cbd oils for kids with Emotional Issues

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I love how kids explain how they feel. The use of visualisation, this wee guy explains when he gets mad and annoyed to a person wearing trousers that are too big and keep falling down all day #irritated… or like a mosquito at his head all the time.
Cbd oil has calmed him down and helped him sleep and helped him deal with his emotions.

We are not doctors, we are people looking for natural solutions to our own and families health problems and sharing these so you can do your own research too


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Have you tried HempWorx CBD Oil for Autism and ADHD? Could this be the product parents have been searching for as an organic alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals?

Autism is one of the fastest-growing developmental disorders, affecting 1 in 68 children in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s debilitating symptoms include impaired communication and social skills, along with compulsive and repetitive behaviours. Autism typically emerges in infancy or early childhood.

pizap-23ADHD and ADD involves, lack of attention, increased activity and difficulty controlling behaviour, among other things. 30-50% of children diagnosed with ADHD continue to have symptoms continuing into adulthood. Stimulant medication is often prescribed to children showing signs of ADHD. For any parent with a child diagnosed with ADHD and Autism, it can be frustrating to find something that helps them deal with every day struggles. Every trip to the doctor seems to lead to another prescription, thus resulting in more nasty side effects like lack of appetite, inability to sleep and sometimes even the appearance of being ‘drugged’.
It can be very difficult for parents of kids with ADHD and autism, due to a lack of resources, support and the fact that there is no cure. Parents continue to search for a natural product that will help their child without having the bad side effects of prescription drugs. Many parents have turned to CBD Oil because they have found it helps. CBD oil can be taken for a wide variety of health issues in kids, not just ADHD or autism.
HempWorx CBD Oil Review and testimonies for Autism and ADHD
Amazing results with nonverbal autism! Able to talk without any problems!
“My daughter was at one time diagnosed with nonverbal autism. I was told by 7 different doctors to institutionalize her and that I would never be able to care for her for her symptoms were too severe. She was very frustrated because of her inability to communicate, presenting unwanted behaviors that led to injury. She went from a 12 word vocabulary to not speaking over night and remained silent about 3 years. We tried many
things and once we found the truth about what is needed for the brain to function properly her speech recovered quickly AND she had retained all we continued to teach her through her non speaking years. She had retained it all.
Today my daughter is much happier and laughs a lot, due to the fact that she can finally express herself. Today, my daughter is very social, very verbal and would rather be surrounded by and engaging with others.
Dr. Giovanni Martinez, a clinical psychologist from Puerto Rico, looking to eliminate the symptoms of autism decided to check out the therapeutic effects provided by CBD oil. He is pleased to say that this treatment is providing great results. “In one particular case, after treating an autistic child with hemp oil two times a day, for three weeks, the child went from non-verbal to speaking his first words and, later on, developing excellent language skills.” Just like my daughter.
I love that Hempworx offers a full spectrum CBD (CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG) and contains almost no THC. It’s easy for my daughter to take and I love knowing that her ENTIRE Endocannabinoid System is being feed. We made other dietary changes designed to support the function of the brain, nervous system and muscles. This was a quick turn around for us as it was with Dr. Martinez’s patient mentioned above. Two years after my
daughter began speaking again she said to me; “mom, do you remember when I would talk to you and dad and you all could not hear me?” UGH…I cried. We got our girl back and you too can get you child back.”
Better attitude and less impulsive!
“Last night was make or break for my son. He has ADHD and normally does not like to be in situations involving people for an extended period of time. In fact, he NEVER does anything with friends because he says he doesn’t trust himself with his rage and anxiety outbursts. He’s been on Hempworx for 2weeks and in that time we’ve seen dramatic changes in his temperament and behavior overall.
Last night he was at a group sleepover, which for one he doesn’t get invited to and two, he doesn’t go cuz it usually ends in disaster. I was on pins and needles all night, but no call or text from him whatsoever. In fact his friend’s mom told me at one point in the night he was all giggly and having a great time. Long story short he ended up spending the night and stayed until late morning. When I picked him up he said he had an awesome time. My dream for him became reality, he’s finally able to live like a typical teenage boy. I cried. My son is forever changed because of Hempworx. Thank you for giving us our son back.

Essential Oils Help ADHD

Essential Oils, The mind

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are common conditions among children. If your child has any one of the two conditions, you might be worried how they are going to cope with their following life. The good news is that there are a number of effective treatments for this condition. Nevertheless, these medications usually come with undesirable side effects. For this reason, you might want to opt for natural alternatives—essential oils for ADHD.


When children inhaled the vetiver oil three times a day for 30 days, they demonstrated improved brain wave patterns, behavior, and performance in school. The study recorded an improvement for 80% percent of the children when using cedarwood oil similarly.

Cedarwood essential oil has a high concentration of sesquiterpenes, which improves oxygenation of brain cells.


A recent study published in the Journal of Intercultural Ethnopharmacology also showed vetiver essential oil to have particular promise for ADHD. The study on human subjects revealed faster reaction times and stimulation of sympathetic nerve activity following inhalation.

Beyond vetiver and cedarwood, rosemary essential oil has also shown promise for increasing cognitive performance. When study participants completed tasks in a cubicle diffused with the aroma of rosemary essential oil, their performance improved in both speed and accuracy.

Other essential oils that may relieve various symptoms of ADHD include peppermint oil for improved alertness as well as:

  • Ylang ylang, which is known for its relaxing properties
    Frankincense, valued for inducing feelings of mental peace and calm
    Bergamot, which may help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
    Eucalyptus, which may relieve mental exhaustion and stimulate blood flow to the brain
    Lemon, valued for improving mood and preventing emotional outbursts

It is so nice to read that the traditional remedies can help to heal these new health problems.